New Library Construction Experience Sharing Session & YALU handover ceremony held in YNUL

    On the afternoon of December 23, 2016, new Yunnan academic library construction experience sharing session and the handover ceremony of Yunnan University Libraries Union (YALU) was held in Yunnan University Library (Chenggong Campus). More than 100 experts from 48 university libraries in Yunnan attended the meeting. The meeting agenda was as follows:

    First, Yunnan Normal University Library, former leader of the union, handed its power over to Yunnan University Library, new leader of the union. As the second rotating president of the union, Yunnan University Library will shoulder the historical responsibilities to promote the sustainable development of the union.

   Second, 2016 library knowledge and skills contest awards ceremony was held, in which Librarians of Yunnan University Library won a number of awards.

  Third, Fan Yongxue, deputy director of YNUL, made a report on some experiences of constructing new Yunnan University Library. Zhang Yu, director of technical department of YNULdisplayed multi language version of Yunnan University website and introduced the construction of CADALChina Academic Digital Associative Library.

   After the meeting, accompanied by Director Li Donghong and Deputy Directors, the experts visited Chenggong Campus Library and conducted in-depth exchanges with the library staff.

   In conclusion, the meeting provided a platform for Yunnan library community to gain the advanced experiences and has achieved a great success by sharing experiences of new library construction and exploring new modes of the library service.